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Human Resources

Our Vision for Employees

Mizuho Securities recognizes its employees as the most valuable assets.

In addition to a wide array of training programs for employees when they first join the company or are assigned to a new post, Mizuho Securities also provides rank-based education and training programs. Through these programs, Mizuho Securities supports self-development of employees' career and nurtures appealing, talented personnel. By taking such measures as introducing a compensation and benefits system based firmly on human resources (HR) markets and professionalism, we are moving forward with an aggressive HR strategy on many fronts. We actively hire and promote professionals across a broad spectrum of fields ranging from sales to management functions, assigning a number of highly qualified professionals to appropriate posts.

Moreover, through personnel exchanges with other Mizuho Financial Group companies, we have been able to supplement our pool of human capital while raising the HR synergies of the Group as a whole.

Our corporate culture is defined by openness and fairness, and our teams of professionals, who come from diverse backgrounds, are one of the sources of competitive strength driving our growth as an organization.

Achieving Diversity and Inclusion

In June 2016 Mizuho FG has established and announced the Diversity & Inclusion Statement(PDF/36KB) that outlines its view on fostering growth and involvement of all members of Mizuho's diverse workforce. By proactively incorporating the diverse perspective and thinking of our workforce into day-to-day operations and decision-making, Mizuho aims to create new corporate values as employees continually develop innovative products and transform services and operational processes.

Mizuho Securities will make further efforts to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace. As a sign of its active commitment, it changed the name of the promotion office from the Diversity Promotion Office to the Diversity & Inclusion Promotion Office. Moreover, the company will take various measures to provide a great workplace for all its employees, focusing especially on the following points:

  • 1)Transforming Mizuho's HR management to maximize diversity and inclusion;
  • 2)Modifying Mizuho's "work-life balance management"; and
  • 3)Changing the mindsets and behaviors of employees and executive officers.

Diversity and inclusion efforts made by all staff members

We believe that the important thing for promoting diversity and inclusion is collective efforts. In other words, all of us need to be involved in thinking and carrying out our D&I initiatives.

The President, as head of the company, leads the promotion and holds the Diversity & Inclusion Promotion Committee* twice a year to discuss about D&I policies and initiatives. Some staff members have a concurrent post at the D&I Promotion Office in order that they can collect frank opinions from people around them in their primary departments and bring them back to the office to reflect them in our future D&I initiatives. Moreover, each department/office appoints a person in charge of promoting D&I.
The D&I Promotion Office holds an event several times a year at the head office and branch offices throughout Japan to provide an opportunity for all staff members to participate and to regard D&I as their own issue.

*Members are the Chairman appointed by the President and Directors selected from some divisions

Promoting women's active participation

Mizuho Securities has been seriously engaged in creating an environment where our female staff members can keep their motivation and display their excellences to the full extent. Of course the Company has been providing programs to help them build their careers in accordance with their job grades. Further to that, it has expanded those programs to help them deal with their major life events and to give them an occasion to think about their desired lifestyles and career aspirations.
It encourages networking within the Group based on the belief that staff members can develop themselves and the Company as well through exchanging personal issues and opinions.
Moreover, the D&I Promotion Office continues to enhance HR systems and support for those who take care of their children and/or family members such as increasing networking among working mothers and providing consultation services for childcare and family care.

Numerical Targets

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Targets Achieved by Present situation As of
Percentage of management
positions (job grades) filled
by women
10% Jul 2019 7% Jul 2018
and above
20% 16%
and above
30% 29%
Percentage of paid annual leave taken by
each employee
70% The end of
66% The end of
Percentage of childcare leave taken by
male employees (for taking care of
babies born in FY2016)
100% Mar 2019 88% Jun 2018

(Including those who are seconded from FG)

Mizuho conducts training programs to prepare female employees for managerial positions.

Mizuho conducts training programs to prepare female employees for managerial positions.

Main Activities

Promotion of female employee

  • Implementation of training program for female managers
  • Implementation of training program for female managers and candidates
  • Promoting networking activities among female employees

Enhancement of balancing work and family

  • Enhancement of childcare and nursing care related systems
  • Providing follow up support for female employees to attend seminars for childcare leave etc.
  • Providing support for employees after childcare leave
  • Enlightment activities toward balance work and family
  • Promoting networking activities among working mothers

Work-Life Balance

  • Eenhancement and promotion of work-life balance

Enhancement of multi-national and cultural diversity

  • Enhancement of international interaction
  • Enhancement of cultural diversity

Sharing information/changes in the consciousness

  • Opening diversity forum on intra-ne
    • -Introducing examples and roll-models
    • -Sharing information and hold guidance on diversity
  • Starting management training program of spreading diversity mind
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