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Top Message President & CEO Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. Koichi Iida

Top Message President & CEO Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. Koichi Iida

Always aiming to be our clients’ most–trusted partner and their first choice among securities companies

Carrying out a central role as a securities company under the One Mizuho umbrella

In fulfilling our unique role as a comprehensive securities company, Mizuho Securities pursues a Mizuho Financial Group strategy which brings together banking, trust banking, and securities under the united One Mizuho umbrella. We have strived to become our clients’ first choice as a securities company offering a comprehensive lineup. Since then, we have continued to grow as a securities company supported by a global client base, stable financial standing, and solid corporate functions enabling us to offer you the widest range of consulting capabilities in tandem with sophisticated products.

Addressing diverse needs is our forte

Mizuho Securities is dedicated to serving as your one–stop shop for comprehensive financial services through our branch network (the industry’s most extensive retail network across Japan) and via the establishment of joint branches with other Mizuho group companies, such as "Planet Booths" which we have set up in Mizuho Bank lobbies, enabling bank customers to easily access the full spectrum of our securities services.

If you are an individual client, you have all the advantages of our diverse lineup of financial products and exceptionally–insightful investment information to serve your needs whenever and wherever thanks to our popular online and call center services in addition to our nationwide branch network. You can be sure that we will always act in your best interests, underpinned by an action plan designed specifically to ensure prudent execution of our fiduciary duty. We also undertake various initiatives to offer you sophisticated solutions customized to your needs.

If you are a corporate client, we make sure you have access to our wide–ranging investment banking solutions such as equity and bond underwriting, M&A advisory services, structured finance, and stock listing support. We have the architecture needed to support your company’s business strategy backed by our strong track record and incomparable professional knowhow. In addition, we provide asset management products and investment information tailored to your company’s investment strategy needs via bases across Europe, the Americas, and Asia unified as one to serve you.

Our aim: Creating value together with you

We play a unique role as the only comprehensive securities company in Japan, enabling Mizuho group to realize its aim as a financial services consulting group. Furthermore, in the midst of drastic changes impacting the financial services industry worldwide, we are dedicated to fully leveraging Mizuho’s resources to both fulfill our societal mission as a securities company and serve as your most–trusted partner in creating value.

I sincerely ask for your continued support as we pursue these goals.

September 2018

Koichi Iida

Koichi Iida
President & CEO
Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.

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